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This form is for Tour Operators only.

Thank you for your interest in registering your esteemed company in the Centers online booking service , to further complete the registration process you are kindly requested to :

1. Fill out the registration application by clicking on the following link, (Click here)
2. Print the registration application.
3. Fill out the form below and upload the required attachments.
4. Submit all original documents to the tour operator's registration office at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center for verification, in order to receive the final approval.

*Your personal information provided in the form will be pre-filled in the booking form.

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I, the undersigned, confirm hereby that the above information is true and in conformity with the attached supporting documentsand that I bear full responsibility arising from the non-validity of any provided information. I also pledge to report any change that may take place thereof no later than thirty days from the date effecting such change. *