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They said about Sheikh Zayed

King Fahad bin Abdul Aziz(The custodian of the two Holy Mosques of Saudi Arabia)

“We understand the significant role played by HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in serving the interests of the Arab nation and emphasizing the role of the UAE in the world community. The UAE plays a pivotal role providing motivation and support to our brothers”

Jimmy Carter (The American President)

“One should express his admiration for the leadership of HH Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan. Due to his wisdom and political expertise, he was able to achieve amazing cultural and constructional contributions in an extra-ordinary time span”

HM Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of England)

“We admire your expertise and wise leadership as a president. We can see the economic contributions you achieved for your people. We can see it in the beauty and order of your cities, in the excellent transportation networks, in the airports and harbors, in the modern communication system which links your people with the outside world, in the green environment enjoyed by your citizens, in the places which used to be barren deserts. You utilized the energy, the thought and the wealth of your country not only to fulfill materialistic contributions but also you laid the cornerstone of a modern and comprehensive educational system to confront the requirements of the twenty first century”

Jacques Rene Chirac (The French President)

“Your Highness enjoys the privileges and blessings of the genuine leader including wisdom, authority, courage, justice and generosity”

Kurt Waldheim (The Austrian President)

“The age of nations is not measured by the number of decades and years but by accomplishments and contributions. If we take these criteria for granted, we can confirm that the post-independence UAE was able to occupy a paramount position within the Arab nation within a short period of time. The UAE did not gain this remarkable position just over night but it was the result of a series of decisive decisions and situations even prior to the independence era . The man behind the outstanding position, occupied by the UAE in Arab politics, is Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan, a man with an insightful vision”

HE Queen Margaret (The Second of Denmark)

“My appreciation and greetings to HH Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan who transformed his country into a modern nation occupying a paramount position in the international community. I am deeply impressed by the UAE’s foreign policy. I have read about the unprecedented progress and comprehensive contributions in the UAE in all fields. I wish to have the opportunity to visit this promising and rising country in order to see its civilizational hallmarks.”

Francois Mitterrand (The French President)

“We know that your Highness wants Right to prevail over Might and legitimacy to prevail over accomplished fact”

José López Portillo (The President of Mexico)

“We highly appreciate the tremendous efforts of Sheikh Zayed which altered the life of the Emirati people. Through his leadership, the UAE achieved miraculous contributions in a short period of time”

Abdou Diouf (President of the Senegal Republic)

“I consider HH Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan a successful statesman of the highest caliber. He is characterized by wisdom and he is a talented politician. I am overwhelmed with happiness whenever I have a chance to meet with him and be acquainted with his wide experience in the field of politics”

Mohamed Anwar Al Sadat (Former Egyptian President)

“Your father works in silence, and participates in Arab construction silently. He works with us, with his Arab brethren everywhere, hand in hand from his heart, against what threatens our nation.”

Dr. Ismat Abdul Majeed (Secretary General of the League of the Arab States)

“Sheikh Zayed is a genuine and undisputed Arab leader who diligently works to achieve Arab solidarity bridging the gaps between conflicting parties”