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Daily Life in the Medieval Islamic World

This book provides an intimate look into the daily life of the medieval Islamic world, and is thus an invaluable resource for students and general readers alike interested in understanding this world. Chapters include discussions of: the major themes of medieval Islamic history; Arabia, the world of Islamic origins; warfare and politics; the major cities of Damascus, Baghdad, and Cairo; religious rituals and worship. Author James E. Lindsay further provides a focused look at the daily lives of urban Muslims during this time period, and of their interactions with Jews, Christians and other Muslims.

Spaces of Light 2

As photography is considered the primary documentation tool in our contemporary life, it shall take its position, to capture live memories for next generations. Subsequently, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Management publishes this book, Spaces of Light which documents all winning photos and includes additional selections chosen by the judges of "Spaces of Light 2" photography competition.


The book is structured in a way to highlight various elements of the mosques architecture. From the magnificent domes and minarets, to the internal decorative elements and unique lunar lightning system, all features include commentary in Arabic and English to guide readers. 

The Houses of Allah: From Al-Kairouan Mosque to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


This book is the latest SZGMC publications, Authored by Dr. Khalil A-Sheikh, revision by Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, this book is a comparing Sheikh Zayed Mosque and 19 different mosques for over the world, and the book is divided into more sections. For example, the architect history of the mosque in Islam, the architecture’s elements of Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque like “SAHN, MEHRAB, MANBAR, RWAQ, ablution area, domes, minarets, columns, Chandelier” and the beauty dimensions like flower decoration, Geometric decoration and calligraphy, the book also presents the Islamic and Arabic styles from the beginning of Islam and through the Umayyad, Abbasid eras, Andalusian, Moroccan, Fatimid, Safavid and the modern style.
The book also contain the calligraphy for Mohammed Mandi , the study compare between different mosques in the Arabic and Islamic Civilizations, like,  the Omayyad Mosque, Kairouan, Zaytuna, Amr Ibn El-Aas, Azhar, Sultan Hassan, Sultan Ahmed (Blue Mosque), power of Islam “Quat Al-Islam” and the minaret of Mannar Qutb, the Al-Masjid Al-Jamaa in Delhi, Mosque Khalid Bin Walid in Syria, Kuala Lumpur Mosque, Mosque of Sultan Qaboos, and the Grand mosque in Kuwait, and Abu Hanifa mosque in Baghdad and finally Pearl mosques Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The book in 277 large pages and also contains details about Islamic Architecture as well as wonderful pictures and calligraphy. 

When Asia was the World


The book talks about history of Asia in the Middle Ages, it presents the history from the view of the confidence travelers. They had traveled around for over the world, and wrote their memoirs for human dimension and political history. As well as exceeding the Western transcendent vision to look at the rest of the peoples, the book also presents How to Asia, when it was the world (ruled) the world, provided a civilization example almost bases on the cultural and commercial exchanges.
The study also presents a good example for the Military Authority and cultural hegemonic as a main things of the relationship between the world's religions and civilizations. 
Asia is the place where mathematicians invented zero and algebra and the Astronomers tracking the movement of the stars more accurately, the first invention of the Astrolabe for navigation purposes, regarding literature, Asia contained a lot of Poets and literature’s writers, it also provided philosophers who are still influenced our of thinking today. These works and the Greek and Roman references have become the main resources in the libraries.

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