Mon, 24 Jul 2017| 30 Shawwal 1438| 02:53 am

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15 Feb 2017


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, today, organized a lecture delivered by the American historian Dr. Mitchell Abdul Karim Crites, who specializes in arts, and also designed theoutstanding external floral columns of the mosque.

The lecture entailed a number of live workshops titled: “Floral columns, a true manifestation of Art & culture”, that will continue until the 17th of this February ,as part of “Majalis al Elm” program organized by the Center.


The lecture is part of the Centers many activities, in line with its cultural role, and its keens towards providing both university students and professionals interested in the field of architectural design with a unique opportunity to closely observe the intriguing details of this architectural design; while widely introducing them to the abundant cultural and artistic features manifested in every element of the mosques’ architecture.


The workshops demonstrates how thesemi-precious stones after being sliced from raw blocks are inlayed with the intricate and delicate shapes of the flowers and leaf designs drawn, cut, Polished and inset into panels of pure white marble.

In a live demonstration of the traditional art of hard-stoneInlay “ Pietra dura”,led by one of the craftsman who worked on the inlay of the mosques columns during its construction. 


Dr.Mitchell Abdul Karim  supervised the implementation of  the Pietra dura  technique over  the period of 3 years , in the design of the  external 1096 floral columns of Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque, creating one of the most striking features, and involving more than 20, 000 marble panels inlaid with an intricate patterns of semi-precious stones. As, more than a million pieces of hand-cut precious stones were shaped and inlaid into the columns including lapis lazuli, amethyst, onyx, agate, aventurine and mother-of-pearl. Besides those that decorate the main courtyard and outer yards of the mosque.

As, more than million pieces of hand-cut precious stones were shaped and inlaid into the columns including lapis lazuli, amethyst, onyx, agate, aventurine and mother-of-pearl.

As Amal Bamatraf, Director of communication and cultural Activities Department , at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center stated that “organizing such activities is in line with the Centers mission, vision, and cultural role  that serves as a beacon of intellect in the society .,and that such artistic architectural workshops  truly showcase the esthetic features of the mosque ,and attests  the craftsmanship and skill in which it was created highlighting  the   richness of the artistic genre .”

It’s worth mentioning that Dr.Mitchell Abdul Karim had trained hundreds of artisans from all-around the world, and currently supports artisans from around the world in creating architectural and artistic commissions, specialized in demonstrating the esthetics of historic craftsmanship traditions in South Asia and the Islamic world.