Mon, 24 Jul 2017| 30 Shawwal 1438| 02:51 am
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Speech of H.H Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed

H.H Sheikh Mansoor

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque represents great sentimental and moral value for the people of the UAE, and their leadership. It also constitutes one of the most prominent and beautiful architectural monuments in the world. Perhaps what is reflected in the Mosque, in terms of the unique beauty of its architecture, is an embodiment of such sentimental value. The Mosque also represents a fertile spiritual space, enriched throughout the ages by the shining inheritance of Islam. It seeks to truly reflect the open spirit of renaissance which has long inspired humanity with its great purity.

We also find a great diversity in the patterns of the architecture of the Mosque. It has benefitted from examining the various traditions expressed in the monuments of other religious throughout the Arab and Muslim World. The Mosque reflects the spirit of diversity in culture, thought and civilization which it aspires to be a beacon of. That's why the the experience of the UAE, as envisioned by its great founding father the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, (may God bless his soul), is one of the finest, most glamorous and most successful examples of diversity. The experience has demonstrated that tradition and modernity can coexist, even interconnect, without one cancelling the other out. In fact, the contrary is true: each provides a source of richness for the other.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center seeks to highlight the heritage of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It commemorates his memory, his qualities and his contributions to humanity. The Mosque and its facilities will be managed according to the most modern standards. Its collections and features will be safeguarded. It will have a state of the art library equipped with modern facilities for the development of research and knowledge. This will facilitate the public understanding of Islamic civilization, arts and architecture.

Cultural and social events will be organized, including lectures, exhibitions, courses for teaching the Quran, Islamic architecture and Arabic calligraphy. There will also be cultural seminars that reflect an informed understanding of religions based on respect, stemming from the belief that Islam is a religion of tolerance and love. The Mosque is a welcoming, humanitarian space open to all visitors who wish to acquaint themselves with the intricacies of Islamic architecture. The focus will be on the beauty and unique characteristics of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.


H.H Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs