Mon, 5 Oct 2015| 21 Dhul-Hijjah 1436| 02:09 pm
   Attention:On the occasion of Eid Al Adha, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center wishes you and your family a happy Eid. And we would like to inform our valued visitors that the doors will be closed for tourism activities on the first day of Eid Al Adha 24/09/2015 and shall be open on the second day of Eid on Friday 25/09/2015 immediately with our regular timings at 4:30pm.

Words from His Highness, the Minister of Presidential Affairs

Speech of H.H Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque represents great sentimental and moral value for the people of the UAE, and their leadership. It also constitutes one of the most prominent and beautiful architectural monuments in the world. Perhaps what is reflected in the Mosque, in terms of the unique beauty of its architecture, is an embodiment of such sentimental value. The Mosque also represents a fertile spiritual space, enriched throughout the ages by the shining inheritance...
SZGMC Organizes a Workshop on Islamic Architecture including a Presentation of the Rich Architectural Details of that Great Building

04 Oct 2015

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre organized a workshop presented by the world-famous British designer, Kevin Dean, who designed a lot of artistic and architectural works related to flowers and roses that dazzle all visitors of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque,

Al- Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque welcomes one million visitor and worshipers during last Ramadan and the Lesser Bairam (Eid Al Fitr)

27 Jul 2015

Al- Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi had welcomed about one million faster and prayers in Ramadan and the Lesser Bairam including about 480 thousand fasters in air-conditioned tents, which were held in the yards of the mosque. That is within the

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center launches little cultural counselor program

26 Jul 2015

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center has launched today the program of "Little Cultural Counselor" to train school children to work in cultural counseling during summer holiday. The program that is conducted in Mosque location in Abu Dhabi shall